About Us

About London Hill

Client focussed and outcome driven; London Hill is a bespoke Project Management and Development company based out of London, United Kingdom.

We’re passionate about the luxury residential sector, where we’ve delivered a wide range of projects within the property development and refurbishment sector. But that doesn’t mean we only do luxury – we have experience across the spectrum. We are interested in any project that commands impeccable quality and attention to detail.

London Hill Ltd was founded by Michael Fraser in 2015, after more than a decade delivering some of the world’s most prestigious properties for a number of London’s pre-eminent developers and interior designers.

Backed by our network of highly skilled and experienced professionals, we offer bespoke services for all stages of the development process, tailored to your personal requirements and your specific project.

Why Choose Us?

Client Focused

We work to understand you, your specific needs and key objectives of your project. This could be as simple as maximising profit on a development, or getting refurbishment works completed quickly so a family can move back into your home. Usually there are a number of factors to be considered and balanced against each other. By working through and agreeing on the key drivers, we can tailor the project to meet your bespoke brief.

Team Approach

We’re collaborative. That means we believe in working with the most experienced and skilled professionals and suppliers to provide the best results on your project.

As an internal team we also work together across all briefs. This means that you get the best of us, capitalizing on the personal skills and experience across our team. You can be confident that in every situation, there is a team member available to give you support and guidance, no matter the issue.

Experience & Professionalism

We’ve got a lot of experience under our belt. Between us, the team have designed, procured and successfully delivered a vast portfolio of projects, not only in London but across the greater UK and abroad. We have learned a lot from these projects but still keep it fresh – we approach every new brief with our experience in check, but an open mind, always looking to improve.

Design Led

Good design is important to us. That means we have an innate appreciation of design – how it looks, how it functions or works but also its value, quality and long-term durability.

Solution Driven

We understand that things don’t always go to plan. When they don’t, we’ll come to you with alternatives and recommendations on how to minimise disruption. What was agreed and your objectives will still be delivered.


Our reputation is imperative to us. That means we’re a little old-fashioned sometimes, but we totally believe in honesty, integrity and transparency.

We might also sometimes be direct, in order to get the job done but you can be assured that our communication will always be clear. We are committed to be there for direction and encouragement along the way. 


You can trust us. Rest assured that your personal information will always be treated in the utmost confidence.


We believe that development should be an enjoyable experience. We love what we do, and we want you to feel comfortable with the process too. That means we endevour to identify and involve you in aspects of the projects that you would enjoy and minimise your exposure to elements you may find less relevant or tedious.